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Cold Water Classic hits Tofino

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World’s best drop in to tame Tofino’s waves
Vancouver Island’s top shredders ready to match their skills against the pros in the first tour stop on Canadian shores
OCTOBER 24, 2009

It started out on a remote corner at the edge of the world, where the Indian Ocean pounds the isolated Tasmanian shoreline. Then up to the northern town of Thurso, Scotland, renowned for its reef breaks. South Africa’s treacherous Cape Peninsula was the next stop, surfers attacking the powerful swells under the towering cliffs of the Table Mountain Range.

Fog, snow, freezing temperatures and ice-cold water are just a sample of what could await competitors during the fourth stop of the O’Neill Cold Water Classic, which gets under way today through next weekend in Tofino.

That’s right, Tofino. The 6 Star ASP World Qualifying Series event is the first pro surf contest to grace Canadian shores and is being dubbed the sport’s coldest by organizers. While that’s up for debate — to be honest, the waters of Scotland were colder — Vancouver Island’s rugged western coastline, idyllic beach breaks, cedar-lined shore and majestic snow-capped mountains make it one of the coolest surf contests on the planet.

“Maybe some people take it for granted due to a lack of understanding, but everyone here knows how big this is,” said Noah Cohen, an O’Neill-sponsored surfer who was born and raised in Tofino. “Not only is it a World Qualifying Series stop, but it’s a six star event — and there’s not many of them around the world. For surfers in the area it’s huge. Not just for the chance to compete, but to see a surf contest of this level with a world-class international field.”

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Segger reaches Mile 0 in Victoria in four days

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This is a phenomenal achievement, especially if you consider the route she took down Vancouver Island.

segger salomonYesterday, for example, Segger ran the West Coast trail in a single day!! This is a hike that seasoned hikers consider a grueling week-long trek. Congratulations Jen!! Just amazing.

From Jen Seggers’s twitter account …


is so thankful for everyone’s support! Now….off to bed and shower. Its been a long 4 days, time for some zzzzz’s
about 2 hours ago from web

DONE!!!! The Vancouver Island Quest is finished as of 5:48am this morning!
about 2 hours ago from web

Segger’s Vancouver Island Quest fighting through the elements

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There’s a pretty ambitious endurance feat underway on Vancouver Island. segger running at nightYou can take a look at the article below for details but you can also follow Jen Segger’s quest down the length of the Island here on Twitter and here via satellite. The satellite linkup gives updates every 10 minutes. Apparently she’s about 7-10 hours behind schedule as she was held up by thick fog and driving rain in the rugged terrain between Strathcona Provincial Park and Pacific Rim National Park. Unlike some endurance quests, she is not using major roads. She’s taking the backcountry routes all the way down Island. Phenomenal …

jen segger

VICTORIA – Jen Segger, an unstoppable endurance athlete, starts her 750-kilometre quest Monday to run and cycle the length of Vancouver Island, non- stop.

Segger, 28, plans to set out from Cape Scott, the northwestern tip of the Island, at 5 a.m. Monday and hopes to arrive in Victoria Thursday night or early Friday morning.

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