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Playing for Change | Peace through Music

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This band blew everyone else away during the Vancouver Folk Festival last weekend.

Watcha Clan brings the Folk Fest to its feet

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Watcha Clan, originally uploaded by inklake.

One of the best surprises of the Vancouver Folk Festival today. Absolutely wonderful, they had the audience dancing from the moment they stepped on the stage.

Here’s the entry from the Folk Fest on Watcha Clan:

Watcha Clan’s music sings with the spirit of traveling people. Powered by the riveting voice and stagecraft of lead vocalist Sista K, they juggle acoustic and electro rhythms and languages (French, Arabic, Hebrew, English) to the beat of the memories they have and the people and the places they visit. Musical nomads, their songs move from Eastern European melodies to the chaabi, the traditional music of Algiers to hip hop kicks.

Tao Seeger plays the Vancouver Folk Festival

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Tao Seeger, originally uploaded by inklake.

Tao Seeger did real justice to the family name at the Vancouver Folk Festival yesterday.  Image taken with an iPhone.