Celebration of Light

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I live about 10 minutes from here, so if I don’t see the fireworks every time, I definitely hear every kaboooooooooooooom.

Fireworks, originally uploaded by ├žompli├žation.

Photo by Ahmed Hope. For more please click on the photo to go to his flickr page.

mostly mud and sky

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mostly mud and sky, originally uploaded by inklake.

Low tide on Spanish Banks brings out Vancouver’s skimboarders.


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poppies, originally uploaded by inklake.

Poppies from one of my neighbourhood’s community gardens.

english bay parkour

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seawall parkour, originally uploaded by inklake.

One of the photos I submitted to Canada CODE. From the photos on this 2010 Cultural Olympiad website, they will be creating “Summer Mixers that will appear on the big screen as part of the public Canada Day celebrations on July 1 on Parliament Hill and in other major Canadian cities”.