2010 Olympics luge track will reopen

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Article by Charlie Smith

Vanoc and the International Luge Federation have announced that the Olympic luge track will reopen in Whistler on Saturday (February 13) after the walls are raised at the exit of curve 16.

In addition, Vanoc and the federation have announce “a change in the ice profile” at the Whistler Sliding Centre.

There will be two men’s training runs earlier in the day, followed by competition beginning at 5 p.m.

Georgia athlete Nodar Kumaritashvili died today following an accident in the final corner during a training run.

The federation conducted an investigation and concluded that Kumaritashvili “came late out of curve 15 and did not compensate properly to make correct entrance into curve 16”.

“This resulted in a late entrance into curve 16 and although the athlete worked to correct the problem he eventually lost control of the sled resulting in the tragic accident,” the federation stated in the joint statement.

The investigation concluded that there was “no indication that the accident was caused by deficiencies in the track”.

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