chariot festival parade

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One of Vancouver’s well-known stilt-walkers rests after taking part in the Hare Krishna parade en route to the 37th annualĀ Chariot Festival in Stanley Park today.

, originally uploaded by inklake.

Alexei makes the Tyee

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One of my photos was featured in the Tyee today. “Alexei’s Self-Portrait”. Click on the photo to see it on my flickr page.

Alexei’s self-portrait, originally uploaded by inklake.

When I bumped into him Alexei had just spent the entire afternoon taking portraits of himself with his Leica camera. As you can see, his TyeephotopoolbadgeGIFnewknack for composition while looking into the wrong end of the lens was uncanny.

Said he was writing his autobiography and needed illustrations for it. My first thought was that none of his self-portraits included his trademark cigarette.