Vancouver’s Neon Neighbourhoods

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ovaltineHaven’t been here in a long time and I thought I’d open up again on the blog to show some of the things I’ve seen and done lately. Almost a year ago now I co-curated an online exhibit with the Virtual Museum of Canada and the Museum of Vancouver about Vancouver’s neon history. The exhibit is called The Visible City and I highly recommend it for the stories and the images, told and captured by some of Vancouver’s finest including Dal Richards, Joe “Sh*thead” Keithley (DOA), Gregory Henriquez (architect of the new Woodwards complex), Mark Brand (Save On Meats), and Bill Pechet (Great White Way on Granville Corridor) .

This post links you to many of the photos I took for the exhibit, which I’ve featured here in my Neon Neighbourhoods set on flickr. Enjoy!

chariot festival parade

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One of Vancouver’s well-known stilt-walkers rests after taking part in the Hare Krishna parade en route to the 37th annual Chariot Festival in Stanley Park today.

, originally uploaded by inklake.

Velut arbor aevo

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Velut arbor aevo, originally uploaded by inklake.

May the tree thrive. Corner of Terminal and Main. This tree has appeared in photographs for over a hundred years.

260 northern st.

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260 NORTHERN ST., originally uploaded by inklake.

Scene at the corner of Northern and Western Streets in Vancouver.


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dancer, originally uploaded by inklake.

Taken during a performance of the Arts Umbrella dance company on Granville Island, Vancouver today.

Mayor Gregor Robertson – Launch Party – Vancouver Biennale

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The Vancouver Biennale official launch was this morning @ Morton Triangle, English Bay. Take a look at this flickr set by Kris Krug.

Enlightenment before his death

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Enlightenment before his death, originally uploaded by B℮n.

Xieng Khuan is a Buddha park located 25 km southeast from Vientiane, Laos in a meadow by the Mekong River.

I thought of this image when I heard about the Dalai Lama arriving in Vancouver.

Please click on the photo to get to Ben Visbeek’s amazing flickr page.

A call for photos!

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Some extraordinary photos are being uploaded to the Alliance for Arts and Culture’s flickr photo group here.

We’re working on a video to promote the arts in BC and we need your photos.

If you have photos of your work, or photos of artists performing, painting, dancing or creating, please follow the link to our group and post the photos there. We’ve already had some great contributions, but we need more.

“You’ve seen us when we’re grey, now you’re going to see us when we’re working!


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Click on the photo to see mobilevirgin’s flickr photostream.

Vancouver, originally uploaded by mobilevirgin.

Docks and train station, downtown Vancouver. Burrard Inlet in the background.

The Fog of Stanley Park

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Gorgeous blues from riefapic. If you want to see more of his photography, click through the photo to his flickr page.

The Fog of Stanley Park, originally uploaded by riefapic.

Photographer’s note:

This was shot in Stanley Park, Vancouver Canada during a particularly foggy evening. A D300 with 10.5 mm fisheye was setup just behind the bench on a tripod. Yes, that’s me sitting on the bench. The blue glow is from the Exxon fuel barge in the lagoon – this barge will be gone forever come the 2010 Olympics – it’s blue glow was always alot of fun!

Pain Contest

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Leaving the dock

I’m especially interested in the article below because I did a feature last summer on the Canadian Men’s Eight and their Erg (ergometer/indoor rowing machine) training called “Pain Contest”.

Here’s the video about the Beijing gold-medal winning crew; below is an article about a sensational Danish rower who has broken the world record on the Erg twice this year …

Erg versus water, that is the question

The indoor rowing machine, or ergometer, love or loath it, the machine has become a vital training tool for rowers. Today at the 2009 World Rowing Championships in Poznan, Poland, world record holder on the erg, Henrik Stephansen raced on the water. Denamark Lightweight Double

Coming from Denmark, Stephansen is part of a rowing programme that does not always have the luxury of rowing on the water. It is often too cold and sometimes too rough. So Danish Rowing has adapted by training indoors. Earlier this year lightweight athlete Stephansen went under six minutes over 2000m on the indoor rowing machine. His time of 5:58.5 set a World Record that was previously thought unachievable.

Read the entire article here.

Berlin Olympic Stadium Panorama

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12th IAAF World Championships in Athletics Berlin 2009.

Cultural programme.

Photo © Chris Jones.

Linnea on 2010 home page

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One of my photos is now featured in advertising for Canada CODE on the Vancouver Olympic home page.

Linnea on VANOC home page

Here’s the original …


Photo was taken on the sidelines of her sister’s soccer game, played in cold, rainy Vancouver winter weather.

So who’s Bob?

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This is an original Chestnut canoe, named after the designer who crafted one of the world’s first durable “lightweight” canoes.

15-0BobsSpecial In a quirky bit of canoeing lore, it was someone named Bob who designed the boat, so “Bob’s Special” became the model name. But no one seems to know who Bob is so it’s impossible to trace the lineage of this fine craft. All I’ve ever known since childhood is that “Bob’s Special” is one of the fastest solo canoes around.

It was built in 1970 in Fredericton, New Brunswick, and it became one of the most popular canoes the company made. First and foremost it was designed for fishermen and solo-trippers. It’s still a joy to solo in.

ocean, rocks and canoe, originally uploaded by inklake.

Copyright © Kevin Teichroeb.

At the time it was the cutting edge for lightweight canoes, designed to weigh only 50 lbs, measuring 15′ in length and still able to carry upwards of 700 lbs.

Our Bob’s Special moved to Ontario when my father bought it new, and then on to Vancouver when he drove it out here for me to have several years ago. If I stretch the point a bit, I can say that this canoe has been to all three Canadian oceans: the Atlantic, where it was built, the Arctic, where we took it all the way down the Lake Superior watershed to James Bay, and to the Pacific, only minutes from where it sits in our garage now.

It’s a little worse for wear these days, Bob_Special_15but it still raises eyebrows when it’s taken off the roof of the car and set down in the water. The design beauty of a traditional cedar-canvas canoe definitely still holds some attraction on a quiet, early morning paddle along the upper reaches of Indian Arm, BC.

Alexei makes the Tyee

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One of my photos was featured in the Tyee today. “Alexei’s Self-Portrait”. Click on the photo to see it on my flickr page.

Alexei’s self-portrait, originally uploaded by inklake.

When I bumped into him Alexei had just spent the entire afternoon taking portraits of himself with his Leica camera. As you can see, his TyeephotopoolbadgeGIFnewknack for composition while looking into the wrong end of the lens was uncanny.

Said he was writing his autobiography and needed illustrations for it. My first thought was that none of his self-portraits included his trademark cigarette.

Not Your Daddy’s Longboard

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Thinking of Tofino the other day and found this article. Be sure to find the video at the bottom of the post …

Not Your Daddy’s Longboard
BY CLIFF KUANG | Tue Jul 14, 2009 at 2:50 PM

A maverick surfboard maker–and former Apple designer–creates “the most radical leap in board design in 50 years.”

longboardsAfter quitting his job as a designer at Apple in 1998, Thomas Meyerhoffer dedicated himself to surfing every day. But he hated his boards, and set about inventing a new one. Though initially laughed at, the design is now something of a blockbuster–the initial run of 1,000 copies sold out, and the backorders stretch through February.

As The New York Times reports, Meyerhoffer–who has also designed for Porsche and Cappelini, and created everything from paper towel dispensers and ski goggles–approached the task with zero preconceptions. He let trial and error guide him; as he says, “I never designed the board to look this way. It became this way.” Not without a lot of intensive work, though: Meyerhoffer originally started producing prototypes using CNC milling, but that wasn’t precise enough so he had to re-learn the lost art of manual board shaping.

What The Times article manages to skip entirely is why the board actually works …

Read the rest of the article here

Meyerhoffer Longboard by Modern (watch video):

36 years as a CBC cameraman

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A master behind the lens, Mike is a veteran of 36 years, almost every Olympics since Montreal in 1976, the Read Report in the 80’s (with Crazy Canuck Ken Read), and an endless series of accomplished work ever since.

36 years as a CBC cameraman, originally uploaded by inklake.

Mike on U Vic trackI’ve had the pleasure of working with him often over the past 10 years, especially enjoying our many shoots for the Beijing Games last summer, and our recent shoot at Elk Lake this year.

mike cuCongratulations Mike on a career that few can equal, thank you for your insights and humour, and best of luck in your retirement.

I expect to see you looking through a viewfinder somewhere very soon.

Setting sights on World podium

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Sheryl Preston (front) and Lindsay Jennerich (rear) training in the Women’s Lightweight Doubles in preparation for the World Rowing Championships to be held from August 23-30 in Poznan, Poland.

Preston and Jennerich have been on the podiumjennerich and preston setting out several times this summer on the World Cup circuit, most recently winning a bronze at the prestigious Lucerne Regatta in Switzerland.

They’ll be joined at the World Championships by another contending lightweight crew and a vastly different edition of the Canadian Men’s Eight.

All the crews training at Elk Lake are following in the wake of a dominating gold medal performance by the Canadian M8+ at the Beijing Olympics last summer. And the results so far have been impressive.

vandor sylvester 2Lightweight Doubles partners Doug Vandor and Cam Sylvester (pictured left) recently won a silver medal in Lucerne and are looking for a similar podium result at the Worlds.

Gabe Bergen and Steve van KnotsenburgThe new Men’s Eight has quickly taken up the challenge of filling the large shoes of last year’s gold medal-winning crew by picking up a silver of their own at Lucerne.

The new crew draws from talent across the country. Coxed by Mark Laidlaw, from Mississauga, Ont., the Eight now consists of Derek O’Farrell of Unionville, Ont., Steve Van Knotsenburg of Beamsville, Ont., James Dunaway of Duncan, B.C., Malcolm Howard of Victoria, Toronto’s Andrew Byrnes, Doug Csima of Oakville, Ont., Gabe Bergen of 100 Mile House, B.C., and Rob Gibson of Kingston, Ont.

The next quadrennial is looking very good for Rowing Canada.

National Rowing HQ at Elk Lake, BC

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I’ll be working on location with the rowers from the Canadian National Rowing team over the next couple of days in Elk Lake, BC.Dock

This year, we’ll be doing stories on the new Canadian Men’s Eight (last year’s won GOLD at the Shunyi Basin, Beijing 2008), and the Men’s and Women’s Lightweight Doubles.

All three crews had great results at the prestigious Lucerne (Switzerland) regatta a few weeks ago, and we’re preparing stories to be broadcast for this year’s World Championships in Poznan, Poland.

boathouse, originally uploaded by inklake.

I took the photo above of last year’s Men’s Eight (M8+) taking their boat out for an early morning training session.

Storm in Vancouver

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Crazy evening on Saturday here in Vancouver. Click on the photo to see more shots by Benoît Ferradini of this rare Vancouver thunderstorm.

Storm in Vancouver, originally uploaded by CAZASCO.