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Upsets in the 800m

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Phil Noble/Reuters
Phil Noble/Reuters

Canada’s reigning world silver medallist Gary Reed and Sudan’s reigning Olympic silver medallist Ismail Ismail both failed to qualify for the [800m] final, scheduled for 1525 GMT on Sunday.

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And in other results, Mens 400m final BerlinLaShawm Merritt once again beat Jeremy Wariner to lead a 1-2 US rush to the 400m podium.

1 4 1206 LaShawn Merritt USA 44.06
2 6 1242 Jeremy Wariner USA 44.60
3 3 1113 Renny Quow TRI 45.02

Germany Athletics WorldsVeronica Campbell-Brown also finished second, again to her nemesis, Alyson Felix. Felix has now won her third consecutive world championships 200m title.

21 August 2009
Position Lane Bib Athlete Country Mark
1 6 986 Allyson Felix USA 22.02
2 5 522 Veronica Campbell-Brown JAM 22.35
3 4 126 Debbie Ferguson-McKenzie BAH 22.41

All results from IAAF site

Gary’s nemesis

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With Victoria’s Gary Reed recently coming off a big victory in the 800m at the Grand Prix of London, all eyes should be on him. But it’s his rival yego and reedand defending 2007 World Champion Alfred Kirwa Yego (photo left) who is still getting the headlines. I’m sure that’s just fine by the Canadian 800m champion. He probably wants nothing more than to focus on taking back that 1/100 of a second he gave up to Yego in the last Worlds.

This is the kind of press Yego is getting …

Ready when it counts – Yego knows when to come good
Saturday, 08 August 2009

Yego has developed the rewarding habit of rising to the occasion, dating back to the 2004 IAAF World Junior Championships, when he left a number of more highly-rated opponents trailing in his wake to take the silver in a then personal best of 1:47.39.

After winning the World title in 1:47.09, winning by a single hundredths-of-a-second from Canada’s Gary Reed, yego reed 2he completed his collection of medals on the global stage when he took the bronze in last summer’s Olympic Games.

The place on the Beijing podium that proved to all his critics after Osaka that, even if gold medal went to his compatriot Wilfred Bungei, he was not just a streak of lightning down the home straight that only struck once.

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Remember, it was Yego who denied Reed the gold in 2007, and it was Yego again who denied Reed the podium in Beijing last summer. Should be a great rematch.

The initials “JO”

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The World Athletics championships are coming up fast and I spotted this interesting detail just now …


American athletes will wear the initials “JO” on their uniforms in honor of iconic hero Jesse Owens, who defied onlooking Adolf Hitler in the same stadium by winning four gold medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

“These World Championships are special,” said USA Track chief executive Doug Logan. “It’s Team USA’s chance to come back strong in the post-Olympic year and it’s an opportunity to honor the incredible legacy of Jesse Owens.

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The Worlds will run from August 15-23 in Berlin.

Watch out for Gary Reed, hot off a Grand Prix of London victory in the 800m.

London Grand Prix win for Gary Reed

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This one fits into the “better late than never” category but it’s impossible to pass over Gary Reed’s success at the London Grand Prix from a week ago.

For background, see this feature about Gary

Canada’s Reed scores big track win

Gary Reed of Kamloops, B.C., fought off international competition Friday night to win the 800 metres at the London Grand Prix.

John Gichigi/Getty Images
John Gichigi/Getty Images

Reed finished in a time of one minute, 45.85 seconds to earn the big win just a few weeks ahead of the world championships in Berlin.

“The race was great, I am thrilled to get the win,” Reed said in an email to The Canadian Press. “It’s very important to be in the mix heading into the world championships.”

Reed is looking to improve on his showing at the Beijing Olympics, where his finishing kick came just a hair too late in a fourth-place finish.

CBC Sports


And to get completely caught up, check out this article …

Banner weekend for Island athletes: Kabush, Cochrane, Hesjedal, Whitfield and Reed soar, Times Colonist

Because of certain advantages, such as the year-round mild climate and the national training centres based here, it is in the summer sports season where the Island shows its best …

50 metre reps

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50 metre reps, originally uploaded by inklake.

Gary Reed doing 50 metre reps for our cameraman at the gull-dropping encrusted track at the University of Victoria.

Dave Feschuk on Victoria’s Gary Reed

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Follow up to my earlier post and video feature on Gary Reed

Gary ReedReed feels both pain and gain on track

Reed, a Victoria native, will be on the track at the University of Toronto’s Varsity Centre this week, vying for his sixth 800-metre national championship in the lead-up to August’s world championships in Berlin. And while watching him run can be an inspiring vision, hearing him talk about running is, depending on your taste for matter-of-fact recounting of bodily distress, an even better trip.

He’s a relatively rare breed: A Canadian who excels in a truly global sport; an endurance-running contender who doesn’t hail from Africa; an opinionated purist who’s in it to win it, knowing full well the price of a podium perch.

“There’s this big thing happening in North America where people have already given up the fight before they’ve even started. They’re doing rankings like, `Oh, he was the first non-African.’ Well, first non-African? What if you’re in a race with 100 guys and you come 100th, but you were the first non-African? Is there some type of award?” Reed was saying the other day. “It doesn’t make sense. A race is a race. Whoever’s in the race, whether they’re from Mars or Jupiter, they’re all in the race.”

This is why it’s nice to see elite athletics making a return to our city this summer. For all its warts, and every game has them, it’s one of the scarce domains of athletes of Reed’s ilk: Men and women who’ll make a no-excuses dive into a snakepit, and tell you the venom’s not so bad.

He seems undeniably driven and refreshingly unentitled. (As he said the other day, “You hear a lot of athletes say, `I’m sacrificing this. I’m sacrificing that.’ … (But) nobody has a gun to my head saying, `Gary, you have to live like this.’ I choose to live the (Spartan) track-and-field lifestyle.”)

Read the entire article in the Toronto Star

Gary Reed: “you’ve got to fight like hell …”

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This feature was made just prior to the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

After winning Silver in the 2007 World Championships in Osaka, Reed found himself just out of the medals last summer in Beijing. Despite missing the podium he considers his results to be a major success. So he should. A second and a fourth in successive years among the world’s 800m elite? That’s better than any other middle distance runner in Canadian track history.

Reed: “Finishing fourth at the Olympics is better than finishing 10th, and 10th is better than finishing 20th and so on. Obviously, you want to win a medal. But do I feel better coming fourth at the Olympics as opposed to ’04, when I came 17th? Yeah, I do. It’s a great accomplishment.”