Canadian Men’s rowing looking to move past Beijing Gold

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Derek O’Farrell and Gabe Bergen. Two of the newest members of Canada’s Men’s Eight rowing team. They’re heading to Poznan, Poland for the World Championships beginning on August 23rd.

Derek and Gabe, originally uploaded by inklake.

Celebration of Light

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I live about 10 minutes from here, so if I don’t see the fireworks every time, I definitely hear every kaboooooooooooooom.

Fireworks, originally uploaded by çompliçation.

Photo by Ahmed Hope. For more please click on the photo to go to his flickr page.

Armstrong’s bike on the team car before the Ventoux stage

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More to come soon …


Result after stage 20

Total distance covered: 167 km

Standing Rider Rider number bib Team Time Gaps
1. GARATE Juan Manuel 45 RABOBANK 4h 39′ 21″
2. MARTIN Tony 76 TEAM COLUMBIA – HTC 4h 39′ 24″ + 00′ 03″
3. SCHLECK Andy 31 TEAM SAXO BANK 4h 39′ 59″ + 00′ 38″
4. CONTADOR Alberto 21 ASTANA 4h 39′ 59″ + 00′ 38″
5. ARMSTRONG Lance 22 ASTANA 4h 40′ 02″ + 00′ 41″
6. SCHLECK Frank 36 TEAM SAXO BANK 4h 40′ 04″ + 00′ 43″
7. KREUZIGER Roman 93 LIQUIGAS 4h 40′ 07″ + 00′ 46″
8. PELLIZOTTI Franco 91 LIQUIGAS 4h 40′ 17″ + 00′ 56″
9. NIBALI Vincenzo 95 LIQUIGAS 4h 40′ 19″ + 00′ 58″
10. WIGGINS Bradley 58 GARMIN – SLIPSTREAM 4h 40′ 24″ + 01′ 03″
11. VAN DEN BROECK Jurgen 17 SILENCE – LOTTO 4h 41′ 00″ + 01′ 39″
12. KLÖDEN Andréas 23 ASTANA 4h 41′ 03″ + 01′ 42″
35. HESJEDAL Ryder 54 GARMIN – SLIPSTREAM 4h 45′ 06″ + 05′ 45″

Championship ride

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alberto_contador_wideweb__470x289,0Failing a complete disaster for Contador in the remaining stages, this is a photo of the next TdF champion.

With every tour champion comes the doping allegations. Contador’s performance has been stunning, and Greg Lemond was quoted today in the Australian press openly questioning Alberto’s advantage …

Contador dodges questions on doping
Rupert Guinness at Lake Annecy,
July 24, 2009 – 7:12AM

It took only two questions into Tour de France leader Alberto Contador’s press conference after winning the stage 18 time trial before the Spaniard found himself fending off questions about a newspaper column by former triple champion Greg LeMond that said he must prove he has raced clean.


LeMond, referring to the 8.5km climb at an average gradient of 7.5 per cent, wrote: “Never has a rider in the Tour climbed so fast. How do you explain such a performance? According to the last information published by former Festina trainer and specialist in performance Antoine Vayer in [the French newspaper] Liberation, the Spanish rider would have needed a VO2 max (consummation of oxygen) of 99.5 ml/mn/kg to produce such an effort.

“To my knowledge this figure has never been achieved by any athlete in any sport. It is a bit like if you took a nice Mercedes out of the car showroom, lined it up on a Formula 1 circuit and won the race. There is something that is wrong. It would be interesting to know what is under the bonnet.”

Sydney Morning Herald

Armstrong racing around Lac d’Annecy

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Excellent photo of Lance Armstrong racing around Lac d’Annecy today by Harold de Haan. Click on the photo to view his flickr page.

TREK TT bike, design by Nara, originally uploaded by fumes1200.

Here’s the photographer’s note on the photo:

Lance Armstrong on the Yoshitomo Nara Speed Concept Time trial bike during Stage 18 of the 2009 Tour de France.


1. CONTADOR Alberto 21 ASTANA 48′ 30″
2. CANCELLARA Fabian 33 TEAM SAXO BANK 48′ 33″ + 00′ 03″
6. WIGGINS Bradley 58 GARMIN – SLIPSTREAM 49′ 13″ + 00′ 43″
9. KLÖDEN Andréas 23 ASTANA 49′ 24″ + 00′ 54″
16. ARMSTRONG Lance 22 ASTANA 50′ 00″ + 01′ 30″
21. SCHLECK Andy 31 TEAM SAXO BANK 50′ 15″ + 01′ 45″
35. SCHLECK Frank 36 TEAM SAXO BANK 51′ 04″ + 02′ 34″
43. HESJEDAL Ryder 54 GARMIN – SLIPSTREAM 51′ 21″ + 02′ 51″


1.CONTADOR 73h 15′ 39″
2.SCHLECK A. 04′ 11″
3.ARMSTRONG 05′ 25″
4.WIGGINS 05′ 36″
5.KLÖDEN 05′ 38″
6.SCHLECK F. 05′ 59″
7.NIBALI 07′ 15″

55.HESJEDAL Ryder + 1h 06′ 37″

Lac d’Annecy – stage 18 time trial

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A good view of Lac d’Annecy in the Haute Savoie, the site of stage 18 of the Tour de France. The lake is about 30km south of Geneva, Switzerland. You get a good idea of the length of the lake here. It has about 35km of shoreline.

This beautiful photo is by Etienne Cazin. Please click on the picture to visit his flickr page.

Presqu’ile de Duingt entre mes pieds

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Trans. “Duingt Peninsula between my feet” — a stunning aerial view of Lac d’Annecy by Bruno Lamaison. Click on the photo to view his flickr page. Couldn’t resist looking ahead to Thursday’s Tour de France time trial around the lake.

From the Lac d’Annecy website:

After 11 years, the Tour de France finds Lake Annecy and its left bank. What a wonderful place for the last individual time-trial all around the lake! The Tour Caravan will pass from Sevrier to Duingt between 9.10 and 9.26 am. Competitors will race through Annecy at 10.50 am. The first cyclist will pass in Sevrier at 10.53 am; the last one at 5.02 pm in Duingt.