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after a week long rain

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Click on the photo to see the uncropped original here.

after a week long rain, originally uploaded by inklake.

This was taken after a long period of rain and fog in Vancouver. Just thinking today that the good weather we’re having isn’t going to last forever … or is it?

Shot was taken from third beach looking across English Bay toward UBC.

Celebration of Light

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I live about 10 minutes from here, so if I don’t see the fireworks every time, I definitely hear every kaboooooooooooooom.

Fireworks, originally uploaded by ├žompli├žation.

Photo by Ahmed Hope. For more please click on the photo to go to his flickr page.


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A reminder of cooler Vancouver days …

Iceman, originally uploaded by WAXY..

Another great photo by WAXY, aka John Goldsmith. From this year’s Polar Bear swim on English Bay.

standing stones

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standing stones, originally uploaded by inklake.

These rocks are each about the size of a coffee cup. They’re all balanced carefully on the large boulder underneath them. In the distance is the blur of a freighter out in English Bay.

english bay parkour

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seawall parkour, originally uploaded by inklake.

One of the photos I submitted to Canada CODE. From the photos on this 2010 Cultural Olympiad website, they will be creating “Summer Mixers that will appear on the big screen as part of the public Canada Day celebrations on July 1 on Parliament Hill and in other major Canadian cities”.