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Linnea on 2010 home page

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One of my photos is now featured in advertising for Canada CODE on the Vancouver Olympic home page.

Linnea on VANOC home page

Here’s the original …


Photo was taken on the sidelines of her sister’s soccer game, played in cold, rainy Vancouver winter weather.

english bay parkour

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seawall parkour, originally uploaded by inklake.

One of the photos I submitted to Canada CODE. From the photos on this 2010 Cultural Olympiad website, they will be creating “Summer Mixers that will appear on the big screen as part of the public Canada Day celebrations on July 1 on Parliament Hill and in other major Canadian cities”.

attracting a crowd

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attracting a crowd, originally uploaded by inklake.

CODE CANADA CODE submissions …

Last day to submit photos to the CANADA CODE for their “summer mixer”.