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Here are some select samples of my work. All descriptions refer to the media below the text.

Virtual Museum of Canada and the Museum of Vancouver

MOV logo

Co-curator, video direction and concept, and photography for The Visible City, a Virtual Museum of Canada/MOV website.

great white way
© Kevin Teichroeb

SFU – Virtual Museum of Canada

SFU logoJoint project between the SFU Media Design Unit, the SFU Centre for Forensic Research, the Critical Thinking Consortium, and the Virtual Museum of Canada.

In 2012 the Investigating Forensics site was selected as an Official Honoree in the 16th Annual Webby Awards in the Science category. Others in the same category included National Geographic, NASA and Columbia University’s Earth Institute.

investigating forensics portfolio

Alliance for Arts and Culture website

Recent work, leading the re-development of the Alliance for Arts and Culture’s website, from pitch phase and concept to build and implementation as their Interactive Media Director.  This is the website for Metro Vancouver’s arts alliance of over 350 professional and community artists and arts organizations.  The site is updated daily with headlines, featured blogs, and images from the BC art world.  Couple of views below:

Beijing Summer Olympics

portfolio gfx rowing1

An HD feature for CBC Sports entitled “The Pain Contest” on Canada’s gold medal-winning Men’s Eight rowing crew.

The interview was conducted on location at the National Rowing team’s training base at Elk Lake, BC.

portfolio gfx athletics1Another HD feature for CBC Sports about the enigmatic Asafa Powell, previous world-record holder in the Men’s 100m.

The interview was conducted on location at Nike World Headquarters in Portland, Oregon.

portfolio gfx athletics1Another HD feature I produced for CBC Sports about one of Canada’s leading Olympians, 800m silver medalist in the 2007 World Championships, Gary Reed.

The interview was conducted on location at the University of Victoria, BC.

For more Beijing features, please see my youtube channel.

Select features from both the Athens and Beijing Olympics include Veronica Campbell-Brown (athletics), Jeremy Wariner (athletics), Tyson Gay (athletics), Alison Sydor (mountain biking), Travis Cross (wrestling), Erin McCleod (soccer), and Jake Wetzel (rowing).

Below, my photograph of former world record holder and 2007 double World Champion in the 100m and 200m, Tyson Gay.

Photo © Kevin Teichroeb


Exposure – CBC & cbc.ca

cbc-gemThis is a network A&E series I Executive Produced for CBC featuring the work of Canadian short film and online video-makers. The series was a major project partnership with Yahoo! Canada. Graphic animations were by mod7.com. In just over six weeks we received approximately 1,200 submissions to our summer series shorts competition.

Our home page, 25 days out from our broadcast launch and the beginning of the Yahoo! Showdown. Pictured in the video window of the home page is our host, online celeb Lala Fastwater.


Given that Exposure was a community-powered network show, we paid a lot of attention to the online video and short film-making world on our website. Below is a sample from our community section.

exposure 8community


The following are samples from the award winning Zed.

zed logoDebuting in 2002 and anticipating both YouTube and Current TV by several years, Zed broke innovative new ground in the areas of user-generated content, social networking, and cross-platform programming. The show was a perennial award recipient, and consisted of a compelling mix of music and some of the world’s best short films and documentaries.

In 2005 these content categories were given their own shows in a new three-night format which I led as Executive Producer. Zed Real (Tuesday) focused on short documentaries, Zed Candid (Wednesday) featured award-winning short film, and Zed Tunes (Thursday) featured the best performers from the world of indie music.

Our home page featured trailers announcing the weekly highlights of each of our three Zed programs. Below is a sample.

Each of Zed’s three shows had a host page complete with a blog and links back to the other shows. Below is the host page for Zed Tunes, with Jenna Chow.


The next couple of samples are the work of designers Sung Hong and Laurel Terlesky, original members of the Zed team. The exciting new graphic look was consistent across all platforms.


These banners were designed for the exterior of CBC Vancouver. They were large scale, measuring over 20 feet in length.


Below is one of the online trailers posted weekly to tease the next installment of Zed.

For our three television programs we had a total of five hosts, three for Zed Candid, and one each for Zed Real and Zed Tunes. The hosts are named on the promotional material below.

zed hosts

This is a sample of our re-designed Zed home page. We gave heavy emphasis to our start time in all promotions, and made clear that Zed was now offered in three separate, focused programs. Each of the three genres developed a devoted following over the course of the season.

Zed home page

This is the reel from Zed season four. It was featured in the media window on our home page with a thank you to viewers:


Restore Arts Funding Now

A PSA I produced for BC’s Alliance for Arts and Culture with Jenn Strom. Full credits are listed on the Alliance’s YouTube channel. It features the outstanding photography of a whole range of flickr photographers who wanted to speak out against the BC arts funding cuts.

Please share this video!

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