Alexandre Bilodeau wins historic first gold!!

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Canada breaks the home soil Gold medal drought. The dedication he has shown to his brother is what makes this so meaningful. Congratulations Alex!!

Canadian Press

Bilodeau’s older brother, Frederic, who has cerebral palsy, was at the finish line and cheering wildly for his younger sibling. Bilodeau was close to tears when he spoke to CTV about his brother and his family.

“A lot,” he said when asked how much of his historic medal belongs to Frederic. “It’s really getting me right now. My brother is my inspiration. Growing up with handicapped people puts everything back in perspective and he taught me so many things in life. My parents did, too.”

His father Serge Bilodeau says he knew right away that Alex’s run was a winner.

“It is not possible to describe, but I knew it before. I knew it was the best. I have followed the sport for 12 years. I know the sport so well and I knew when he crossed the finish line that it was the best run and no one could beat it.”

Read the entire article here.

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