Vancouver digital media takes on the giants

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Very interesting article on the dualing media getting set for the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. The world’s first truly digital games are starting in 4 days. We’ll soon see whose voice carries the farthest.

Huffington Post column here.

… we might not find out what’s going on simply by watching television or reading the papers, as these media forms also behave quite peculiarly during an Olympic Games. It is common for a host city’s national media to report considerable anger and anxiety about an Olympic Games on its approach, as these are the headlines that generate the most attention. However, as the Games begin, this agenda shifts towards being the good host, welcoming the world and celebrating the sports achievements. Indeed, given that the mass media pay for this privilege, nearly all of their resources are dedicated to sports stories and very little else can catch their attention. To this end, the disenfranchised communities of Vancouver will need alternative media allies if they hope to reach the attention of both their local and global audiences.

btw, W2 Culture + Media House opens this Wednesday and Thursday with a 9:30am ribbon cutting ceremony with Mayor Gregor Robertson on Wednesday.

“W2 is all about using intelligent tactics to provide a place for Vancouverites to tell their stories”, says Irwin Oostindie, executive director. Although partially embedded in the Olympics in their relationship with the Cultural Olympiad, they are comfortable with the dialogue that will result from the games. “We’re an independent cultural institution that provides guaranteed access for its citizens for training, access, broadcast, and sharing their stories,” says Oostindie. With partners in alternative, independent, and citizen journalism, they expect to be here long after the Olympics leave.

Full article here in Vancouver Observer.

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