Olympic mayor aiming even higher

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gregor epic

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson says he likes his job, plans to seek re-election and has zero interest in standing for provincial office.

In a wide-ranging interview marking his first full year at city hall, Robertson said he’s happy with the progress he’s made so far. But he still has a long list of things he wants to do, including helping create a slew of green jobs.

And that may take years. “I’m intending to run again for another term as mayor,” he vowed.

There had been speculation that, after the Olympics, Gordon Campbell might step down as premier, paving the way for a new leader of the Liberal party — and the NDP. And the personable Robertson, a former Vancouver-Fairview MLA, had been touted as a replacement for current NDP leader Carole James.

However, the Vision Vancouver mayor dismissed such aspirations. “I like the job, and it’s good to have stability and a record of achievement here at city hall and getting things on track,” he said. “So the provincial scene is of no interest right now.”

Read the whole article here.

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