Canada’s cross-country ski team the strongest ever

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This is big news. Canada has been a perennial force in alpine skiing, but to have a strong cross-country team is really new. Props to them for the rapid development.

Photograph by: Dominic Ebenbichler, Reuters
Photograph by: Dominic Ebenbichler, Reuters

By Kristina Rutherford,
September 24

The strongest cross-country ski team in Canadian history is gearing up for the Vancouver Olympics.

Never before has Canada fielded a team with the number of medal contenders as the one preparing to kick off the World Cup season, national team leader Dave Wood said Thursday following the team’s official announcement in Canmore, Alta.

“The team we’ll take into the Games next February, I believe, will be the strongest and the deepest team we’ve ever head,” said Wood, a fixture with the national program for more than a decade.

“In 2006, we had a couple of strong people. In 2002 we had one. And now, we’ve got four boys that had podiums last year in the World Cup. Sara Renner and Chandra Crawford have had podiums everywhere.

“Things are looking good for us.”

Read the entire article here.

One thought on “Canada’s cross-country ski team the strongest ever

    Dolores said:
    October 24, 2009 at 5:29 PM

    Hi I was wondering if you could tell me the names of the atheletes that are currently training in Quebec. I met several of them this week while visiting in Quebec and would like to follow their success in Vancouver’s 2010 Olympics.
    They said they were part of the cross country ski team team and do the biathlon. Two young guys, one young gal, all from Quebec. Their coach was also young, maybe 40 or so.
    Wondering if perhaps you can direct me to their personal cross country website also.
    Thank you, Dolores
    I have their picture but not their names!

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