If only dancing in parks were an Olympic event, B.C. would be in great shape

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Saturday, Sep. 12, 2009
04:01AM EDT

Marie (“Let them eat cake”) Antoinette, rest easy. You have company. Step forward, Education Minister Margaret MacDiarmid.

What was Dr. MacDiarmid thinking? Was she thinking at all, when the respected family physician and ex-president of the B.C. Medical Association responded to the growing outcry over cutbacks to school sports programs with a suggestion that students might compensate by “walking or dancing or playing in parks”?

Yes, nothing like a bunch of high-school rugby players keeping fit by dancing around a larch or playing rumple-my-stiltskin in the nearest park.

elaine tannerAmong those outraged by the rookie minister’s seemingly callous remark was none other than Elaine Tanner. Yes, that Elaine Tanner, the dynamic Mighty Mouse of the pool who won a record three swimming medals for Canada at the 1968 Olympics.

Ms. Tanner e-mailed me out of the blue. “WOW!” she wrote of Dr. MacDiarmid’s prancing-in-the-parks idea. “I can’t wait to see what type of world-class athletes that will create for Canada.”

Read the entire article here.

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