IOC offers to cover 2010 deficit

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This might help the popularity of the Games in Vancouver. These games have a distinctly corporate feel and really haven’t caught on with the public yet. That will come when the Games begin, but there has been surprising apathy here this year for an Olympic city. Vancouver_Olympic_Paralympic_CentreIt may be the economy, it may be the little mistakes like opting for the HBC instead of Roots as official clothing supplier to the teams, or opting to design venues that “blend in” to their environment instead of venues with a trademark Olympic city flourish. So far the Games seem to be very competently run but not run with the same panache or spirit that Lillehammer, Albertville, Nagano or Calgary were. There’s no doubt whatsoever that Vancouverites want these games to be spectacular, but the fever just hasn’t taken hold yet. 2010 has a very good web presence and it needs to translate into a stronger community presence. If the IOC covers the deficit it will undoubtedly take some of the bad news headlines away and maybe the momentum will start to build.

whistler sliding centre

IOC offers to help cover Vancouver budget deficit
(AP) – 2 hours ago

LONDON — The International Olympic Committee has made an unprecedented offer to help cover any budget deficit of the 2010 Vancouver Games because of the economic downturn.

IOC officials say they haven’t determined how much they would contribute. They still hope to sign up one or two more international sponsors before the Feb. 12-28 games to avoid any shortfall.

“The financial crisis has made it more difficult to reach the revenue target,” IOC marketing commission chairman Gerhard Heiberg told The Associated Press. “It’s a question of trying to see this with the eyes of the Vancouver people and hopefully being able to help them a little bit.”

Vancouver’s Olympic organizing committee, VANOC, has a shortfall of about $37 million on its $1.75 billion operating budget.

Read the entire article here.

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