Vancouver team’s District 9 tops box-office

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Congrats to the Vancouver Film School where filmmaker Neill Blomkamp, his co-writer Terri Tatchell, Visual Effects Executive Producer Shawn Walsh, and 40 other members of District 9’s visual effects team were all trained …

District9-IntelligentSciFiDistrict 9, a gritty, low-budget space alien movie set in South Africa with a cast of unknowns, opened as Hollywood’s No. 1 film, grossing more at the box-office its first weekend than it cost to make.

The sci-fi action thriller depicting extra-terrestrials as unwanted immigrants stranded in Johannesburg took in $37 million in North America, distributor Sony Pictures said on last Sunday.

It said District 9 cost less than $30 million to make, a modest budget by Hollywood standards.

Read the entire article here.

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