Segger’s Vancouver Island Quest fighting through the elements

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There’s a pretty ambitious endurance feat underway on Vancouver Island. segger running at nightYou can take a look at the article below for details but you can also follow Jen Segger’s quest down the length of the Island here on Twitter and here via satellite. The satellite linkup gives updates every 10 minutes. Apparently she’s about 7-10 hours behind schedule as she was held up by thick fog and driving rain in the rugged terrain between Strathcona Provincial Park and Pacific Rim National Park. Unlike some endurance quests, she is not using major roads. She’s taking the backcountry routes all the way down Island. Phenomenal …

jen segger

VICTORIA – Jen Segger, an unstoppable endurance athlete, starts her 750-kilometre quest Monday to run and cycle the length of Vancouver Island, non- stop.

Segger, 28, plans to set out from Cape Scott, the northwestern tip of the Island, at 5 a.m. Monday and hopes to arrive in Victoria Thursday night or early Friday morning.

“It’s been a lot of preparation . . . so I’m excited to get going and put the plan in motion,” Segger said Sunday from her car as she drove up the Island.

The personal challenge is something new for the athlete from Duncan, B.C. Segger, who now lives in Squamish, B.C., has completed endurance races around the world – some as long as 900 km. But she said this will be her longest solo expedition.

She won’t exactly be alone, however. Several runners plans to join her on certain legs of the trip and her mother will drive alongside, providing food and moral support.

“You can’t accomplish something like this without a team,” Segger said.

A film crew from One Eye Open Productions will capture her journey, which she calls the Vancouver Island Quest, for a documentary.

Her motivation is to highlight the work of impossible2Possible (or i2P), a charitable foundation that makes young people partners with adventure athletes, with an aim to inspire youth.

Segger’s crew will write a blog about her quest, which can be found at She will also post updates on at

Victoria Times Colonist

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