Volunteers map Vancouver’s public surveillance cameras

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Thanks to nolifebeforecoffee for the fine photograph. If you want to see more of her work, click through to her flickr site.


by Richard J. Dalton Jr, Vancouver Sun
AUGUST 23, 2009

VANCOUVER — Volunteers turned their lenses on surveillance cameras in Vancouver on Sunday.

The Vancouver Public Space Network, Simon Fraser University’s Surveillance Project and about two dozen volunteers took photographs of video surveillance cameras and noted their locations in the central business district and the Downtown Eastside.

The organizers will create maps showing where the cameras are located and will use the information to increase public awareness about the cameras and to conduct research.

They also hope to spark public debate about the use of surveillance cameras in public areas.

The public space network and SFU’s surveillance project already had mapped some areas, but Sunday’s mapping would cover more areas and provide a baseline of the number of cameras were deployed before the Olympics.

Read entire article here.

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