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With Victoria’s Gary Reed recently coming off a big victory in the 800m at the Grand Prix of London, all eyes should be on him. But it’s his rival yego and reedand defending 2007 World Champion Alfred Kirwa Yego (photo left) who is still getting the headlines. I’m sure that’s just fine by the Canadian 800m champion. He probably wants nothing more than to focus on taking back that 1/100 of a second he gave up to Yego in the last Worlds.

This is the kind of press Yego is getting …

Ready when it counts – Yego knows when to come good
Saturday, 08 August 2009

Yego has developed the rewarding habit of rising to the occasion, dating back to the 2004 IAAF World Junior Championships, when he left a number of more highly-rated opponents trailing in his wake to take the silver in a then personal best of 1:47.39.

After winning the World title in 1:47.09, winning by a single hundredths-of-a-second from Canada’s Gary Reed, yego reed 2he completed his collection of medals on the global stage when he took the bronze in last summer’s Olympic Games.

The place on the Beijing podium that proved to all his critics after Osaka that, even if gold medal went to his compatriot Wilfred Bungei, he was not just a streak of lightning down the home straight that only struck once.

Read the full article here.

Remember, it was Yego who denied Reed the gold in 2007, and it was Yego again who denied Reed the podium in Beijing last summer. Should be a great rematch.

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