Vancouver cyclists get own lane on Burrard Street Bridge

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Two more days until the Burrard Bridge experiment for cyclists and cars begins ….

Vancouver cyclists get own lane on Burrard Street Bridge
00036314A bridgePhotograph by: Handout, City of Vancouver

In this artist’s rendering of the Burrard Bridge lane reallocation, the westernmost lane will accommodate southbound cyclists with all pedestrians on the westernmost sidewalk. Northbound cyclists will use the easternmost sidewalk. The three-month trial project is set to begin Monday, July 13.

The battle over the Burrard Bridge begins July 13.

After months of consultation, city officials announced Tuesday that one lane on the bridge will become a bike lane on a trial basis, starting July 13.

With the bold plan to get more commuters cycling and walking, the city is spending $1.4 million to convert the westernmost lane on the bridge to a southbound bike lane, separated from traffic by concrete barriers.

The western sidewalk will be for pedestrians only, while the eastern sidewalk will become a northbound bikeway.

Assistant city engineer Jerry Dobrovolny said motorists will have to start changing their driving habits to avoid being stuck in gridlock.

The lane change is for three months. Fines will be issued for lane violations.

City staff will monitor the success of the bike lane and report to council in three months.

The Granville Street bridge, Dobrovolny said is one option for drivers as it continues to be underused during peak rush hour times.

Vancouver Province

I’ll be following up on this one when the new bike lanes make their debut on Monday.

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